Test your level of English

Test your level of English; find out what you already know and what you can improve. 

This test consists out of a multiple-choice test (grammar), a writing test and will be followed up by oral assessment during your first class.


  1. Find a quiet place where you can’t be disturbed
  2. Put your phone on silence
  3. Read carefully
  4. Take your time 
  5. Don’t overthink
  6. If you don’t know the answer go to the next question and return at a later point.
  7. If you still don’t know the answer, please leave blank.
  8. Don’t use google; trust your gut.
  • Remember;
    it’s not a competition; it’s ok to make mistakes;
    you’re here to learn 
  • When you are done, please send your test to
    e-mail: annemiek@dunhof.nl
    subject: level test + NAME + date
We’ll be in back with your results ASAP.